New Blog Address

I decided to self-host my blog over on my own domain, I figured I’ve been paying for it I may as well put it to good use :) I decided to go with BlogEngine.NET, mostly because it was super simple to get setup and seemed to have pretty active development. I think I’ve ported most of the articles and comments over though a few stragglers may be around. I’ll be posting all my pearls and nuggets over there so update to the new RSS address.

I know some of the layout may seem funky, I’m currently porting a free CSS template from a fixed-width layout to a fluid one instead and I haven’t pushed everything yet. For the record I used Yahoo’s grid builder to come up with the CSS layout and it’s damn snazzy. Usually I build up my divs by hand or crib one of my prior fluid layouts but this time I tried something different and I’m impressed. Clean CSS/HTML, though I could use a little more verbose id and class selectors.