Monthly Archives: February 2010

Getting Excited for MIX10

MIX is by far my favorite Microsoft event, and not just because it’s in Las Vegas. It’s the mix of designers and developers, about learning cool stuff and just getting the creative juices flowing. Whether I’m there in person or just watching the keynote via the web it has a rejuvenating effect on me and gets me excited to make cool stuff.

This year I’m also excited for two reasons: first it looks like I’ll get to speak (link to my talk to be posted once it’s on the schedule) and two because as a gadget and code nerd we get to learn about the development story of the upcoming Windows Phone! Per the MIX website a few weeks back:

Yes, at MIX10 you’ll learn about developing applications and games for the next generation of Windows Phone. Yes, we’ll have Phone sessions, and we can’t say more…yet.

One thing I think people outside Microsoft don’t realize, at least I know I didn’t before working here, is that there is so much going on inside the company and we get so focused on whatever our project is that announcements like this are just as exciting for people inside the company as out!