Monthly Archives: June 2009

Your Inner Remembrance One

Part of my personal daily rounds is catching up on all the gaming news which means hitting up Engadget and Joystiq.  I was reading a recent tidbit about how new XBox 360’s are starting to show up with both the Jasper motherboard and 512MB of internal memory, something some of you may or may not be as excited about as I am.

The part that really caught my eye though was when I did a Bing search for “xbox jasper”, in an effort to catch up on my XBox motherboard goodness, and stumbled across the exact same Engadget article on another site with some slightly different phrasing.  This isn’t surprising in itself since it’s a pretty common ad trap to scrap content from a popular website and surround it with ads hoping people will click on them but the fun part was this site tried to make the content more unique by running it through a thesaurus.  Most of it ended up sounding like a drunk pedantic linguistics professor muttering to himself but here is the choice bit that had me rolling on the floor (ok, chuckling softly to myself like a crazed madman but you get the idea):


That’s twice the size of the old one, giving the equivalent of a 512MB internal memory unit.

New And Improved!

That’s two times the bigness of the rich person, giving the tantamount of a 512MB inner remembrance one.