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WP8 XAML App Development @ Build 2012

I gave my Build 2012 talk this week and it was all around WP8 XAML app development showing off some of cool new features in the XAML platform that you can incorporate into your apps.

A huge thanks to all the people that showed up, gave feedback and asked questions! I know a few people asked me questions via e-mail & twitter and if I missed your question apologies, I’ll be more than happy to answer any remaining ones now that things have calmed down a little. I wasn’t able to go into deep detail on everything I wanted to so if there was something you want to see more of just drop me a comment.

The talk, like all the other great Build talks, was recorded and is available to watch directly from channel9 or you can download it and watch it offline.  I’ve also posted the source for my demo and the deck itself.  Some parts of the source may look a little different from the demo and that’s because I cleaned it up and streamlined it some, I have a hard time sometimes leaving code as is, especially if I see a way to make it better.

Download Source + Deck for WP8 XAML App Development (hosted on Azure!)