Cheat Sheet Needed for ASP.NET MVC

The cool kids over on the other side of the fence always make these really cool "cheat sheets" for whatever bit of tech kit they’re using and I fully expect someone with some good design skills to produce one for ASP.NET MVC.

You hear that Rob Conery?  Scott Hanselman?  How about you Phil Haack?  I fully expect Scott Guthrie, who is a Word among Bytes, to conscript some stylish hipster graphic designer to produce a masterful, stylish and yes, useful cheat sheet for the MVC masses at Mix ’08, an event I sadly won’t be attending because my company considers computers and those that make them work to be second class citizens.  I’m lucky if I get  to upgrade my IDE before the next one comes out much less attend an actual conference.  I’ve heard of conference swag but I’ve never actually received any of this mythical bounty.

Still, I desire, want and dare I say expect said cool cheat sheet.

Here are some examples for those that need some prompting and design ideas and to figure out just what in the hell I’m talking about: