Slides + Code + Video from ‘An Introduction to Developing Applications for Microsoft Silverlight’ from MIX10

I promised someone at the end of my talk that I’d post my code and slides and while
I’m lagging a little behind I’ve finally bundled them up and made them available
for download here:

Slides + Code

Also, as a small note I’m slowly working this blog over to have a “Windows Phone
7 Design Series” look and feel, not sure how well the dark background and light
text is going to carry over or how well my design kung fu will stack up but here

UPDATE #1: I’m also including the actual session itself here for
your viewing pleasure.  You can either watch it below or
directly on the MIX website

UPDATE #2: Several people have asked me for sample code to the
solution that has a Windows Phone and Silverlight desktop application both consuming
the same Class Library.  Well, here it is for your downloading pleasure.

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