MVP Summit Talk: Silverlight Toolkit: Past, Present & Future

Today I’m giving a talk at Microsoft’s 2009 MVP Global Summit here on campus. The title of the talk is “Silverlight Toolkit: Past, Present & Future” and I’ll be talking a little bit about where the Silverlight Toolkit came from, what’s going on with it right now and what we’re planning in future versions. Pretty self-explanatory actually :) I’m done a few dry-runs and once it came out at 30 minutes, the next at an hour and 15 minutes so I’m hoping I’ll find a nice average and nail the 45 minute window I have.

We’ve done a lot with the toolkit in a very short time and we’re not done yet. There are some really great things shipping in the MIX09 time-frame and I’m lucky enough to get to speak about them at MIX09 as well.

For anyone coming to my talk today I look forward to sharing our plans with you and if you were there feel free to drop me a line with any follow up questions.