ZuneKeys Updated for Zune 2.5

Another new Zune client update, another ZuneKeys. For those that don’t know ZuneKeys gives you a few hotkeys to control playing and pausing the Zune software from any application (hence why they’re called global hotkeys). I stole the idea from WinAmp because I’m always needing to pause or skip tracks and it’s much easier to do it with a quick Ctrl + Alt + Home rather than opening up the software and finding the pause button.

It’s a super-tiny 31k app. Just unzip and run and it sits in your tray listening for a hotkey. Uou can play, pause, stop, skip tracks or adjust the volume. If anyone on the Zune team reads this I’d love to know if there are any official messages I can send to the application for control because right now I’m faking it by sending the same messages those fancy (and bulky) multimedia keyboards send.

Download ZuneKeys