Microsoft Shareholder Value

I just saw a quote from Joe Rosenberg via the MSFTextrememakeover that included one of the most asinine and scary things I’ve ever heard about Microsoft:

Rosenberg said. “The company has lost sight of its principal focus, which is to produce value for shareholders.”

What’s scary is that this is from a “Chief Equity Strategist” yet after this quote I wouldn’t trust anything this guy has to say about money or investing because if there is one common theme among the most successful companies and individuals it’s that their primary focus is to do what they love and to be the best at doing it. Once you start chasing money for moneys sake the game is over and you’re done ever making any type of substantial financial gains. Rosenberg should know this and if he doesn’t perhaps he needs to pick up a BusinessWeek and read this article, “The Secret Behind Trump’s Success“.

So if you ever find yourself starting a venture simply because you think it’ll net you millions or because you’re secretly hoping you’ll be bought out then stop, take a breath and get a grip on reality. If you really want to make money find your passion and be the best at it, do everything you can with it, surround yourself with others who share the passion and push that passion, be uncompromising with it and don’t change your vision to fit into a committee or shareholder view.