Comparing Apple TV vs. XBox 360

Gizmodo recently ran something I was just thinking I wanted to see, an Apple TV vs. XBox 360 showdown. Gizmodo is one of those sites that has a bunch of different contributing news bloggers and I’d say at least 70% of them are highly biased in some fashion, with most of their “news” coming off as impassioned mini-editorials about a single product. That’s why I was impressed with how balanced the comparison between the 360 and Apple TV was. If you’re in the market for an Apple TV but are also open to a 360 give it read though.

I would actually like to see a comparison of Apple TV vs. the native photo, music and video streaming abilities of the XBox 360. I’m pretty sure most people would consider the Apple TV UI the winner in that one but I’m interested in functionality at that point.

Another thing missing in the Gizmodo showdown was that lack of mention that you can also use the XBox 360 + MCE as a DVR, which you can’t do with Apple TV.

Spoiler: XBox 360 is declared the winner by a slim margin.

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