Comparing Apple TV to the XBox 360

I’m amazed that anyone thinks the new Apple TV product from Apple is all that wonderful. It has fewer features than the XBox 360 which can do all the same things PLUS with the XBox you get the ability to play an amazing amount of games.

Feature Apple TV XBox 360
Stream Photos x x
Stream Video x x
Stream Pictures x x
iTunes x -
Marketplace - x
PC Streaming ? x
Mac Streaming x x (using Connect360)
HMDI x -
720p x x
1080i - x
1080p - x
IPTV - x (Fall 2007)
DVD Player - x
Games - x
Voice Chat - x
DVR - x (via Media Center)
Stream Live TV - x (via Media Center)
Cost $299 $299 (Core System)

I just don’t see it, there is more bang for your buck with the 360.