Old Zune, New Zune

So, after being unable to get my pre-loaded content back I did what tech support would never suggest… I returned it. I said goodbye black Zune, thanks for playing, I don’t need your inflexibility. Of course what will replace my old black Zune? How about… a new black Zune!

That’s right, I went to Target that same night and found they were running a promotion where you receive a $25 gift card when you buy a Zune AND sales tax in Louisville is much less than in Broomfield so in the end I got it for almost $30 cheaper.

After all my complaining why did I buy it again when I was free from it’s clutches? Here are a few reasons:

1. The hardware is rock solid. Just from a hardware side of things it really is a pretty unit. I love the rat rod feel of it, the large screen, how my fingers don’t gum up the finish, the sound quality and screen animations.

2. Software is software. 9/10 of my complaints are about the software and I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing some major updates to it before Christmas comes around. They’ll work through a lot of issues to make sure Christmas morning all the little Zunesters are rocking out instead of pulling their hair out.

3. Credible Bug Reports. If I don’t actually own a Zune how can I make suggestions for improvements or file bug reports? Unless I actually own one and am invested in it’s success it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be as passionate about helping improving it.

4. Microsoft. As a company they really want the Zune to succeed and you can tell they are fully committed to this product. After watching the 360 grow up into a desirable consumer product I have hopes that while Microsoft may make mistakes they are smart enough to do course corrections.

5. Software is easier to update. At the end of the day Microsoft is still a software company. I hope this means we’ll see more improvements via software and firmware than via next generation hardware units, a la Apple.

So, all in all I am pleased with my Zune. When I point out issues it’s always with the intention of trying to help a product be better than to trash it.