“Heroes” Rocks

Just watched the pilot episode of “Heroes” and I’m giving it two thumbs up. Not only am I interested and caught up in the story already but my wife loves it as well, which in house doesn’t always happen. Actually, this is probably a bad thing because the television shows we both really love together tend to have something go horribly wrong with them.

First there was the excellent “Firefly”, which for those that have seen it know how entertaining it was and of course that it got yanked after only a season, and not even really a full season at that. Bastards.

Next there was the new version of “Doctor Who” and just as my wife was really getting into the story after much cajoling on my part they went and changed the actor that plays the Doctor, from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant and while Mr. Tennant isn’t doing a half-bad job Mr. Eccleston made an impression that leaves the show feeling just a little flat. We still watch it but we no longer look forward to new episodes in quite the same way.

So here’s to hoping “Heroes” makes it!