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Comparing Apple TV to the XBox 360

I'm amazed that anyone thinks the new Apple TV product from Apple is all that wonderful. It has fewer features than the XBox 360 which can do all the same things PLUS with the XBox you get the ability to play an amazing amount of games.

Feature Apple TV XBox 360
Stream Photos x x
Stream Video x x
Stream Pictures x x
iTunes x -
Marketplace - x
PC Streaming ? x
Mac Streaming x x (using Connect360)
HMDI x -
720p x x
1080i - x
1080p - x
IPTV - x (Fall 2007)
DVD Player - x
Games - x
Voice Chat - x
DVR - x (via Media Center)
Stream Live TV - x (via Media Center)
Cost $299 $299 (Core System)

I just don't see it, there is more bang for your buck with the 360.


  • Anonymous (gravatar)

    Anonymous said
    February 27, 2008

    The one key thing that the AppleTV has that the Xbox360 does not, which makes it win, hands down for me, is iTunes...But, there is one other thing that you might be forgetting... Some people... a lot of them, including myself... do not care at all about hard-core console games, the primary market for XBox. I don't know how many XBoxes are out there, nor how many DVD players, digital cable boxes, HDTV tuners, and so on, but I see the AppleTV competing against the latter, not the former.

  • You bring up an interesting point about hard-core console games. I'm not by any stretch a "hard-core gamer". I rarely finish games, I prefer playing games with friends than alone and I'm usually two steps behind gaming news. The original reason I even bought an XBox was to use it stream TV and movies to my TV from my computer, something the XBox was doing years before Apple TV.Even with that I would agree with your argument of the hard-core gamer vs. the media consumer if it wasn't for the price. The Apple TV costs just as much as a 360, which can do everything the Apple TV can PLUS play games, including some great casual, cheap, games.For example I have a friend whose daughters (both under 9) LOVE watching him play 'Marble Blast' and the older girl is pretty good at playing 'Cloning Clyde'. My wife loves kicking my butt at 'Hexic', all of which are casual, family-style entertainment.The cost-to-value ratio of the Apple TV just doesn't make any sense, especially if you add on how expensive content is from iTunes. Until you can pick up an Apple TV unit for under a $100 then it's just not a very good investmentAll that being said, if you already have the iTunes hook in your mouth then the Apple TV is your only option, regardless of price.

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